September 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Charlestown

The Master bedroom is coming along nice. This week they are putting up the blinds for the bedrooms. I decided to deal with a new company called 3dayblinds. They come to you and measure. In 3 days the blinds are ready and you get an installment appointment. The prices are good. Very comparable to H.Depot and Lowe's. 
Enough talk...let's see some photos
Here is the before 

After Painting and new floors

At first I used these lamps that I already had on hand but after getting the nightstands I decided to go for something bigger

I got this bedspread below at Ikea... I like it alot

I am planning on painting this wall blue as well...I think it goes better with the yellowish hue on the furniture. In the meantime there is art work laid out but not up yet. 

So that's how it looks right now. I will post more once the window treatments are up. Hopefully they will come and clean those windows for me in the meantime! 
Happy Monday

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