September 24, 2013

Fall in the family room

 Today I started putting the fall decorations out. I usually pack things away in large plastic boxes and store in the basement. It's always a little exciting to open it up a year later...there is always a few surprises...dead mice things that I forgot I had gotten from the previous year! 
I started in the family room...

I ran to Home Goods in the middle of the project...Lord knows why... Just felt the need.
I picked up 2 baskets, a fall subway sign, 2 harvest stalks, an owl and a funky candle holder and I placed most of it on the mantle

Remember all that bark that I collected in New Hampshire? Well there you go...I found use for it inside the fireplace

Tomorrow I am showing you the rest of the house- Stay tuned!
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  1. Uglan er geggjuð!
    Kveðja, Þorbjörg (uglusafnari í nærri 30 ár!)

  2. Haustið er svo hlýlegt, trjábörkurinn kemur mjööööög vel út í arninum!


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