November 28, 2013

I'll take my coffee outside

This morning the birds woke me up really early. I can usually snooze a bit but not this time. I went downstairs, made my vitamin water and brewed a cup of coffee. The weather was so beautiful so I decided to water the plants and sit outside for a bit and enjoy my beverage. After a bit I ran in for the camera...It was just way too beautiful out there...The place was hopping with activity...Bees buzzing hard at work, the birds, Squirrels and Rabbits it was like a train station in my backyard. Here is the view from where I was sitting and snapping photos

Who can sit still with all this life around? Not me...
I tried so hard to capture the hard working Bumble Bees but all I got was a tail sticking out of the flower

Enjoy your weekend

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  1. vá fallegar myndir og þvílíka lífið þarna í kringum þig. Þessi póstur fór einhvernvegin alveg frammhjá mér á sínum á sínum tíma. En gefur bara smá tilfinnigu fyir því að vorið sé væntanlegt fyrr en varir.
    Knús á þig kæra Brynja


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