August 12, 2013

DIY Fairy Garden

I have always wanted to create my own Fairy Garden. 
I looked on Pinterest and saw those pictures that I found to be inspiring
Fairy Garden, cute idea for the kids.Jeanie’s suitcase fairy garden

Good start - Two story Fairy Garden - but needs more to it!

Wee fairy garden. #GardeninginMiniature
Here is what I came up with... Pretty cute huh?

The stone folks were a gift from Iceland. I am not sure who made them but they are adorable. I used stuff I had on hand, moss...things from a Poutporri bag...little stones, toothpicks and miniature pumpkins from last year. I had this wooden fence since way back. I had painted it and decorated and planned to stick it on a wreath or something but it was too big. It looks great in there... What do you think? Am I going crazy?

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  1. Svo sætt og skemmtilegt, finnst steinafólkið í lopapeysunum æði!

  2. Bara flott og mjög sniðugt...
    kveðja Ása

  3. Ellie says, "I want Miss Bryn to make me one!" :)


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