August 12, 2013

DIY Sugar Scrub

This summer a good friend of mine gave me a jar of Hand and Foot Scrub! 
She made it herself and it's just awesome. I keep it by the sink and use it all the time. 
I contacted her to ask for the recipe and I actually expected some complicated instructions with exotic ingredients that are hard to find but to my surprise it was amazingly simple!

Here is what you need:

Mix sugar and dish soap until desired consistency- just experiment with the's supposed to have some thickness to it... and put it in a container of some sorts...My gift was presented to me in a small mason jar which is the perfects size to reach in and get the goop out

Of course there are so many options regarding the presentation...Is it a gift or for yourself? Pinterest has some great ideas...

Try it's super simple and fun. Thanks Judith for the idea!


  1. Hey there! I keep a few mason jars/ingredients on hand just in case I need a last minute gift. it's just so easy to mix up. glad you liked it and are passing it on!
    Hugs back to you, Judith

  2. Sæl Brynja og takk fyrir þetta, en ég er að spá..... er þetta bara venjulegur uppþvottalögur sem þú ert að nota?
    Virkar svo óskaplega einfalt ;)

    kveðja og knús

  3. Hae Stina...Thetta er venjulegur uppthvottalogur nema svona meira creamy looking. Gaeti truad ad haegt vaeri ad nota handsapu ef ut i thad er farid!
    Kv. Brynja


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