July 22, 2013

Update on Charlestown Project

I can happily announce to you that the odor that was in the apartment is gone. The source is gone (the filthy carpets) so no more worries about that. However some exciting developments happened over the past 2 weeks... The wall is down, the carpets and all floor material is off, the ceiling in the living room is framed in and ready to be plastered, the electrician is done with his part so I think I can safely say that things are rolling now and floor guys are up next.
The hard part in this whole process became evident when the wall was torn down. An unsuspecting water pipe was inside the wall and removing it was not only costly but a total pain in the behind. We decided to go ahead and remove it since it served no purpose and was stuck in the middle of the area we were planning on using as a bistro area. So with some co-ordination from our contractor John, the building manager, the security system officer and local fire department it was removed on Friday! I have to say that this has been weighing on me and when I received the text and a photo from John I almost cried! Let's see the before photos so you know what I am talking about. Here is a picture from the entry way

Below pictures are taken after they tore down the wall and this pipe became evident. Aside from that can you tell how everything opens up and becomes brighter!

Here are some photos of the ceiling as it looks right now. I bet in a week they will be all done and it will be easier for you to see what we are actually creating here

It is always fascinating how minor changes evolve into larger ones. The end results will be great...I just know it! 
Here is the kitchen all patched up. All you can see is the dreadful colors of the walls...Can't wait to start painting

Today I am re-thinking paint colors...I have had some time to think about it...I will definitely go with something neutral with a hint of shade...Suggestions are welcome!
Enjoy your day

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