May 19, 2013


 I made it to Brimfield this year! Wow I was blown away and kind of overwhelmed!
It was a lot of fun and so much creative energy in the air...

 Brimfield is a HUGE Antique show held 3x a year. I took home one piece of furniture. A rocking chair for $50. As soon as I came home I started working on it even though I said to myself that I was going to wait but needless to say the excitement came over me and I started painting without a "before" picture.....halfway through I came to my senses and snapped a photo...Yikes~

The next day I kept on painting using Annie Sloan Old White.  I sanded it with a fine sandpaper (600 grit) to roughen up the grooves. I ended up waxing it with clear wax all over

All I needed now was a cushion which I got a Home Goods....Where else?
It's actually a big pillow that fits perfectly in there

In other news... I picked out a couch...Thank you so much for weighing in on my decision. I opted for option 3....I know...nobody liked it but it was the most comfortable one and the leather.....ahhhh the so soft! high back and so great...
Thanks for your help 

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