March 30, 2014

Look what I found!

So on my trip to the Salvation Army I also spotted those retro candle holders that look sort of weird. Almost like a glass with a wooden foot, hard to describe but here is a photo

They were remarkably clean and looked like new so for only $3 bucks each I saw a potential!
Here they are both, one of them is Shabby and the other one will be in a minute...

What I did was simple, I took regular white acrylic paint and did 2 coats (no sanding).
After the paint dried I roughed the surface up with a really fine sandpaper, I did a third coat with Martha Stewart's Mother of pearl paint just to get a little glazing effect. Afterwards I took dark wax and just dabbed it lightly with a course brush to get that "old" look to it...The process took 1/2 hour or so and when I was done I wasn't sure...The stem looked so white compared to the glass hmmmm.... but once I lit them up with tea lights I knew they were mine and I love the look!

they are standing so adorable on my side table in the family room. I love the height of them and how unique they are...but I seriously need to stop buying candle holders...I have an addiction problem....every time I just get sucked in :-)
Ohh Well... enough for now
Enjoy your day

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  1. Þessir eru bara brill, ógó flottir!

    Þarf greinilega að koma með þér í Góða Hirðinn þinn :)

  2. fááááránlega fallegir, *öfund*!


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