March 4, 2013

Easy Easter Tree

Today I am sharing with you a ridiculously easy way to create an Easter Decoration. It took me literally 10 minutes to throw together and I felt sort of guilty over that....Haha! I know I am crazy

Here is what you need:
Real or artificial tree clippings- A good amount (twigs/branch)
Easter eggs
Artificial Cherry Blossom (if desired)

I already had this container. It's square and deep enough to be sturdy. I filled it with sand and stuck some twig branches in there that I bought at Michels (2 bundles)

I stuck them evenly into the sand...some deeper than others to create a flow

Next I took some silk Cherry Blossom's and cut it up and sort of casually placed the buds here and there

 The Eggs I got also at Michaels (used my online coupon and saved 20% of the full purchase...Yesss!)
They were $1.99 so I got 10....they are so darn cute and vintage looking

 And Voila....Here is my Easter Tree Arrangement!

Currently it's sitting on my buffet being guarded by Mr. Bunnyman... More on those Bunny-Peeps in the next blog that some say are creepy looking!!???? (Ahhh...not to me)
Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by

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