March 3, 2013


I have always dreamt of having a beautiful cupboard. Last year I actually purchased an unfinished one that I painted and made my own. I am happy with it but I love the ones that look so french country chic and romantic. I don't own a set of China but I do have spare plates and silverware that I use for better occasions and when people come over to eat. Here is the picture of my finished cupboard and you can actually read when I blogged about it HERE

I am always trying to make it look like I just threw the things on there together...I have experimented with different things but I always end up arranging things in simple manners... (My square thinking and phobia of clutter get in the way) 
Here are lovely pictures from Pinterest that I adore and would love to actually have in my house....soft, romantic, french and shabby but....the thing is I don't live alone...My husband doesn't have much say in how I decorate the house but he is not a girly man...I know he doesn't like anything pink or fluffy in the kitchen... so in the meantime I just look at photos and dream :-)

Shabby Easter Eye Candy!

That's a bit girly I admit but I came across these which are definitely up my alley

Shabby Cupboard

Rose Garden Romantic Home traditional dining room


white cupboard

FRENCH COUNTRY COTTAGE: Whites in a Gray Cupboard

But back to what I can't have....isn't this so adorable? I absolutely love it...

vintage dishes in painted cupboard

Wahhhhh.....or this


Back to earth now....


Clean, white look...organized clutter...that's me!
Enjoy your Sunday

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  1. There is something that definitely speaks to me about the pane glass cupboard doors. Very likeable.


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