August 19, 2012

Two Chairs Meet One Old Bench

I have been an owner of this bench for many many years. It's an old Amish Bench I found in the trash at neighbors house when I lived in Pennsylvania. It was currently in the garage and served no purpose. I painted it white few months ago and moved it outside on the veranda. It just stood there...kinda lonely. When Cindy gave me the 2 chairs last week it made perfect sense that I'd introduce the chairs to the I did!
Annie Sloan Paris Grey, 2 coats and lightly sanded. I decided to be adventurous and ironed on a picture from the Graphics Fairy
Yep...with my iron! I was careful with it and placed a towel over the image but the paint still bubbled a a bit but it came out nice and rustic.



Look how pretty! It's not super comfy so I will probably just use it as a table 

I had these pillows from Pier One that fit perfectly on the chairs

Bella approves!

Target has these lil buckets for sale for a $1
#22 my lucky number!

The bistro table and a chair got a cover of Paris Grey also.
 I think we are in good shape for a Garden Party! 
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  1. ómæ hvað þú ert ofurdugleg, það er hver dásemdarpósturinn eftir annann með verkefnum sem eru mér svooo að skapi.

    knús og takk fyrir frábært blogg

  2. þetta er nú bara orðið að einu dásemdarhorni hjá þér í garðinum, svo notalegt! Stólarnir eru alveg sjúklega sætir, sérstaklega með púðunum :-)

  3. Bekkurinn OG stólarnir algjör gersemi, frábært hjá þér!


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