March 9, 2013


 I started beading 8 years ago when I took an evening class just to get out of the house when the kids were little and got totally hooked. I don't necessarily just make jewelry but that's part of the fun. I love those dangly things and pendants. 
As I get older I realize that my style and taste changes...ohh yes I am talking about that sparkly stuff and glitz... I am lucky enough to have my own craft room where everything has it's place since the hobbies I have are numerous.... My childhood girlfriend at home (Iceland)  shares the same passion for beading as me...It really makes such a difference when you share ideas and interest with someone else.

But let's talk Jewelry...

So I was trying to come up with a great idea to store my long necklaces...In the past I have kept them in  the jewelry drawer but when I am getting dressed I want to see them...after all if I don't have jewelry on then I feel naked...right ladies?
I opted for a really simple solution, I bought some of those plastic Command hooks (damage free hanging) and hung up in my walk in closet. Some of the necklaces are a bit heavy but those hooks are awesome and  VERY sturdy.

I keep my earrings on that Tree that Hubz gave me for Christmas....It's great and I love it...

I know....I totally get it.... some "People" get all Latino when they travel somewhere warm and please don't judge me because I didn't make my bed this morning...

I love those little stands where you can store your shorter necklaces...
this one I found at Michaels way back... (I think)

So yeahh...
Thanks for stopping by and checking my jewelry out...nothing fancy for sure 
but it's all good! 
Enjoy your weekend


  1. Æ hvað það er gaman að sjá þetta hjá þér! Allt svo flott og einmitt svo gaman að geta búið til ýmiskonar skraut annað en sjálft skartið líka, bara snilld :)

    kk Kikka

  2. Margt fallegt sem þú átt og hefur gert (og ég skil alla vel sem búa ekki um rúmið sitt, ég nenni því sjaldnast! :-))


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