February 11, 2013

Cool Shelves

For the Love of shelves!
These DIY ideas are great...just use a crate you already have or run over to AC Moore and grab a few pine boxes...great for stacking too!


bathroom shelf diy by mattie

DIY shelf out of crates from the craft store.

crate shelves

diy shelf crates

Then there are these shipping pallets I see abandoned everywhere...One day I will get out of the car and pick one up...I love how this came out

DIY Shelf made from a pallet. Just sand and stain.

DIY shelf

When all the snow has melted I will be on a mission...you just wait!

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  1. Já ég elska svona hillur.. á eina úr vörubretti sem er máluð hvít og geimir gamlar fjölskyldumyndir... langar bara í fleiri undir bækur.


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