December 10, 2012

So cozy in Iceland

This time of year is dark here in Iceland but we light it up with Christmas lights and candles. Here is the arrangement in my apartment. It's a simple thing I put together. A tray and a holly from Ikea and some pine cones...I walked by a flower store here in my hometown on Saturday and saw this ceramic house in the window which I couldn't resist! I think I will bring it with me to the US when I leave. In case you are wondering about the's a candle! I had totally forgotten about them, I guess I brought a couple of them last year with me when we spent the new years here and completely forgot....What a nice surprise for me...The price sticker was still on them.....Marshalls $12.99
Needless to say I am getting a little sticker shock regarding prices on regular household items here. I don't mind when I am buying handmade items or designer things but it's amazing how much money everything costs here and I am just talking about silly little things that cost nothing in America.
Here is a little sneak peak of my arrangement. I took this picture at 3:30 pm and it was getting dark already

More to come on the apartment....It's hard to take pictures and beat the daylight...

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