December 20, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree

The only thing that never changes is how I decorate the Christmas Tree. It's been the same year after year and I usually don't buy new ornaments unless I am traveling and see a cute souvenir from the place or something that reminds me of a great time. We started out like everybody else with a small tree which grew with time, switching to an artificial tree 10 years ago was a blessing and brilliance...
The ornaments are mostly handmade, either by me, the kids or my Mother which was the ultimate Martha Stewart of kidding. She produced so many beautiful things weither it was knitting, sewing, quilting or pottery...she did it all! She made a habit out of putting one handmade ornament as a decoration on each Christmas present which we hung up on the tree later. Needless to say we have accumulated quite a few of those which are so precious to us since she passed away few years ago from cancer at the very young age of 60. We decorate the tree in her honor on her Birthday December 16th. Here are few of her pieces

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  1. Thank you so much for leaving such a nice comment in my blog! It's always nice to find new blogs...., so thank you!! Your ormanents at the three are lovely, and a totally understand the honoring of your mother, I lost mine in cancer when I was only 16...:-(, she was 39...I relly hate that illness!
    I hope you and yor familiy will have a lovely holiday!!
    HUgs from Anette♥

  2. Fallegt jólaskraut hjá þér ! Elska svona heimagert og sérstakt jólaskraut :-)


  3. en gaman fyrir þig að eiga þetta fallega skraut frá mömmu þinni og allar góðu minningarnar sem fylgja því, bara yndislegt :-)


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