September 7, 2012

Fall Mood

It's still really warm here in Boston so when I go to stores and see all the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving stuff out on display I am not really inspired.
Fall is my favorite season though and I know the temp change will hit us pretty soon. I for one will be really relieved since I am not crazy about hot and humid weather.
The Pumpkins are not quite in the stores yet but soon enough there will be oodles of pumpkins, some exotic looking gourds, and plenty of Apples

I already bought few Mum's and planted in pots....A beautiful blooming fall of my favorite things about Fall!

Often times Kale is added as a decoration

Acorns Acorns Acorns....Plenty of those on the ground...all the picture frames with acorn's glued to them I used to do with the kids...Ahhh sweet memories!

Those pretty leaves!

After looking at these pictures I think I am closer to being in a fall mood than before 
What about you; Ready for Fall?
All the best

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