August 10, 2012

Wet Friday Evening

No, not that kind of wet evening...I am talking about rain!
After a successful day at a Water park we drove home and into the rain. Literally. All of a sudden it was raining cats and dogs...this kind of weather makes you lazy and sleepy. Where was that cup of coffee that I planned on getting before the ride...but in a hurry forgot!
2 1/2 hrs later- Home at last.

Ohh what to do tonight? Let's see first Order Pizza

How about opening a good bottle of Red? Maybe some Brunello Di Montalcino...Great Italian choice! 

 We need's so gloomy out there...

Lot's of candles...

Music of choice Shawn Colvin

A movie for the kids

My favorite Chair

 A couple of throws...

 Wait...that's the doorbell....Pizza is here...I am getting way ahead of me
Happy Rainy Friday 

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