August 9, 2012

Transferring Graphics

I have to admit how frustrated I am with transferring graphics onto things. I have poured over demos on youtube, the graphics fairy and personal blog tutorials. Everyone makes it sound so simple and easy.
In my previous blog I painted a couple of chairs and transferred pictures onto them. I ran into a few problems on the way but corrected them. I printed out the graphic onto regular copy paper with my laser printer. I cut out the image and brushed mod podge over the printed side. I let it dry overnight and then the headache started...the simple thing of spritzing water on the image and rubbing it gently off...That's exactly what I do but somehow my image isn't as nice as all the other ones. My image is dull, it rips, and I feel like it is a sticker looking.

This is a tray from someone else. Looks great and the image is sharp

This is mine, same method...

I tried it on a clay flower pot and it looked kind of sticker-ish so I decided to rough it up and antique it...You can still see where the paper is even though I sandpapered the edges

I tried another way from a blog tutorial with wax paper. The image is printed onto wax paper and then placed onto the wood and brushed on with a credit card. It worked nice. A little slippery but the image came through but not very sharp looking. ( I read later that if you wet the surface a little bit before with water the image will appear darker) 

Here is one of the chair that I painted. I used the mod podge technique. It works but it's hard. I am still not happy with the outcome even though I sanded it down and waxed it again and again...

so needless to say when I see pictures like these I get very frustrated....Grrrr.....Why can't I do this?

There must be a better way out there....Anyone?


  1. Tja, ég hef ekkert reynt við þetta en man þó eftir þessari færslu hjá Helgu Lind ef að það hjálpar eitthvað....

  2. Takk fyrir thad...var buin ad sja thad hja henni....spurning um ad halda bara afram og aefa sig....Bara sma pirringur i loftinu...


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