August 27, 2012

MIT's Great Glass Pumpkin Patch

These are hand blown glass pumpkins created by students from the MIT's Glass Lab. They are truly beautiful pieces of art that range in prices from $20 to $200. Benefits from the sale goes to the lab.The Great Pumpkin Patch happens once a year, usually early October. If you find yourself in Cambridge MA at that time...You have got to check this out!

The pumpkin patch will surely dazzle the eye and this year I will not miss it!
Have a great Monday
For Further Information Click on The Link Below:


  1. I purchased several pumpkins at the MIT slae - how would you display them?

  2. I have seen them displayed either on a dining room server or even the dining room table... big versus smaller in the middle of the table like a centerpiece. I personally place them in a room where it's very bright so the color of the glass comes through!


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