August 28, 2012

Boys Bathroom Reveal

Yesterday was a great day. The boys bathroom got finished. The guys from United Homeworks were awesome as usual! I designed this bathroom but few changes here and there were necessary to avoid other problems. I will not get into the details but it all worked out in the end
Here are the before photos:

Standard bathtub and shower. Tub never used.

This was really the only storage in the bathroom aside from a wall cabinet from Ikea
Eeeeew...Old and gross

Slamming the toilet seat again and again does break it! Right boys?

I got to work and ordered everything from Lowe's. I knew exactly what I wanted for the bathroom so it wasn't really difficult to pick and choose. I didn't want to spend a bunch of $$ for a kids bathroom, I just wanted to upgrade it

All the stuff arrived and filled up half the garage

And... bathroom was gutted...That is when I started to get a little nervous. 
 No need for worries....
Here are the after photos:

The whole bathroom ended costing us a little more than we intended to spend due to some measurement errors on my part...So we have an extra shower and extra elongated toilet on our hands. Needless to say it will all be to good use in the master bathroom...another accidental project!
Project #2 is bound to start in hoperfully few minutes...
Yeeeehaahh the fun never ends!

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