July 28, 2012


col·lect 1  (k-lkt)
v. col·lect·edcol·lect·ingcol·lects

Do you collect? 

1. To bring together in a group or mass; gather.
2. To accumulate as a hobby or for study.

The joys are many. Hunting for the best find, the thrill of finding it, the beauty and the bargain...
Where do you put it all? This can start as an innocent hobby and end with a disaster where things end up taking over your house or accumulate in basements and attics. When I was little I collected many things such as Postage Stamps, Paper Napkins, Vintage Angel Photos and Movie Stubs.
These things gave me much joy, the feeling to own something special that was rare or look at a collection of achievements. I remember spending hours over my stamp collection diligently removing the glue from the stamp, pressing and drying and in the end sorting it all and placing in them a special stamp album.

Luckily I don't like clutter. I have a relatively easy time letting go of things if they can be used or displayed with someone else. 

Today I collect Wine Corks, Fancy Wine Bottles, Photos of Front Doors that I think are cool (yeah yeah...One day I will publish a coffee table book with those fabulous photographs) 
I have this antique printer drawer that I accumulate tiny little things for every country I go to...It's pretty sweet! Once I collected those little match envelopes places give out as an advertisement but those have all been used up :-)

I am always on the lookout for a cool display, something that is different and serves as a decoration and is beautiful to the eye. Here are the matchbox envelopes I mentioned earlier

Shadowboxes come in all sizes and shapes I personally love the ones you can open and close like a door so you can add or change the setup

Whatever it is....

make sure you put it on a display

There is nothing more beautiful than accumulation of things you love on display.


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