September 7, 2015

Hotel Korali in Naxos Greece

Today I am sharing with you the boutique hotel we stayed at in Naxos Greece. I took a bit of a risk and booked everything through airbnb which actually worked out really well. Naxos took us by surprise. The Island is absolutely beautiful and we felt like at home. It didn't hurt that there is a huge Scandinavian community there. A whole lot of Danes and few of the menu's were in Danish.
We rented a room for 3 and we were pleasantly surprised how the pictures online matched the room we got. So comfortable, stylish and clean. We were minutes away from St. George's beach. Here are some photos that I snapped once we came inside....

Everything was nice and clean and newly renovated

Bamboo ceiling

A little kitchenette which was perfect

I personally loved the bathroom....all tiles that looked like wood

A small balcony...perfect for eating breakfast

A beautiful entrance

This is the hallway between 3 rooms that are equally stylish and comfortable. It would be really cool to stay there with a big group...just sayin...
I am certain we will be back! We paid $40 for the night....What's not to love?

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  1. En fallegt hótel! Þarf að skella mér þangað :)


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