November 12, 2013

It's Snowing!

Yes, once again changes inside the fireplace. If I would have ever known how much fun It would have been to arrange and re-arrange inside it I would have made the change so many years ago!

 I got inspired by one of my favorite Icelandic blogger Skreytum Hus where she teaches us how to decoupage a candle. I picked a photo from Google Images and printed it out on regular printing paper. I trimmed it according to the size of the candle and basically glued it on with Martha Stewart Decoupage in matte finish. Once on the candle I did one coat on the outside. As I went over the print the color bled a little bit but I actually love the look...Streaky but even

I messed up the top of this candle when I was trying to get all the wrinkles out so I glued a metallic ribbon to cover up my mistakes. 

I didn't have any fake snow on hand so I took Saran Wrap and crumbled it up and cut down in little pieces. I also put a little bit of Glamour Touch in there for some sparkly effect

Do you see the sled in there? Well I got it at the Salvation Army last Summer. It stayed in the garage in the "future project" pile for some time

Here is a picture of the sled before I attacked it with the silver spray

So here is the total look of the whole thing at least for now. As I look at the photos I see one thing that I need to spray silver...What is it? Take a guess

Enjoy your day!


  1. Snillingur! Þetta er allt svo flott og fallegt hjá þér, ég verð að koma í heimsókn og sjá :)

  2. Sleðinn kemur mjög vel út! Ég giska á að að þú viljir spreyja hjartað?


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