November 7, 2013

I {heart} Ikea

On my last trip to Ikea they already had their Christmas Decor out. I couldn't resist these hearts. I just put them up last night but traded out the ribbons for a little nicer ones

I put them up in my kitchen window

I also grabbed a larger heart and I was thinking that it might look cute for Valentine's

Did you notice the horse? I got it for $9 bucks at TJ Maxx....How? Always make sure you check out the clearance rack. There is a collection of things that have minor things wrong with them and sometimes you can't even find anything wrong. In this case one of the wires underneath had snapped off so when I came home I got out my glue gun and fixed it! I love the look.

I am starting to add a little bit of Christmas to the house...In between Fall....

Are you digging the Scandinavian vibe?
Enjoy your day

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