October 1, 2013

Window treatments & etc

 We got blinds for the apartment! I decided to play it safe and contact 3 Day Blinds. They came and measured, ordered and installed. I highly recommend them. If you haven't heard of them it's because they are new in Massachusetts... Here is their LINK
You can arrange for the whole thing online

I felt like the only way to go was with vertical blinds since the windows cover the wall from top to bottom. I didn't want the window covering taking over the rooms so I opted for something really neutral. I also put up some pictures...some new and some that I had already

Here is the guest room. I love the vertical blinds in there...makes it look sleek

Last weekend we installed the closet doors. Sliding glass doors from Home Depot

I went to IKEA today to get shelves and poles for the inside and I decided on this unit

It's very sturdy and priced nicely $190
I am not installing the doors though...but it's a great base
Few things got their places on the walls...
My girlfriend from Iceland gave me this wall sticker earlier in the year. I held on to it because as soon as we bought the apartment I knew where it would look good

This is an Icelandic saying that means "Lord Bless This Home"

Adding stuff to the walls little by little... My daughter kept me company that day. I kept asking for her opinion and going against it! Sorry Karitas... She diagnosed me on the spot with OCD and ADD...all mixed in one. My answer to her is LOL!

And then some...Moving things around to get the right feel is necessary

I know...I have this thing for round things with mirrors in the middle.
Enjoy your Tuesday
Thanks for reading

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  1. Þetta er allt svo flott hjá þér - hlakka til að berja þetta augum............................eftir 20 daga :D

    Knús, Sjöbba


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