June 28, 2013


My house is filled with stuff. 
For a woman like me who is anti-clutter it's difficult.
I try to stow the stuff in corners (neatly) but I got a lot of stuff going on. There is the gathering of "things" for the City Pad which is currently under construction (YEAHHH) then there is a pile of vacation stuff in one corner...but every year we rent a cottage in Wellfleet Cape Cod where we meet up with our friends from all over the East Coast. Everyone is excited for the week especially all the kids but there is a lot to do before you take off as you can imagine...pack and gather all the "STUFF" we might need while down there.
I decided to share the mess....

Hopefully we will be ready to move in by mid July. 
(fingers crossed or I will go nuts)
It's really not helping my mental state that Hubby switched jobs and came home with all these boxes and dumped in the living room. 

Accumulation of "STUFF" that needs to be tackled when he has time but he did such a neat job I might just forget it's there :-)
In the meantime you can find me outside!

Have a wonderful weekend 

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  1. Haha, æði, stundum er þetta bara svona! Hlakka til að sjá allt fína dótið sem glittir í á myndunum þegar það er komið á rétta staði! :-) Hafðu það gott í fríinu


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