April 10, 2013

Kitchen in a castle

 Even though the Castle is 300 years old it contains all the newest modern technology... It was renovated about about 3 years ago so when you are in the kitchen it has a less of a castle feeling, but that is quite alright...I love a modern kitchen like this one!

 Irish Pottery made exclusively for Moyvannan Castle

 I am in love with the windows...Medieval, Victorian I am no expert but even though they are brand new, a great care was taken to preserve the important historical features of the castle in a tasteful manner...

Introducing the coffee machine of the house...who wouldn't want a built in one? It asks you what you want...Cappuchino, Macciato, Espresso or Regular!

Do we have to talk about the stove....No I didn't think so...

 Lovely granite countertops

 Butcher block Island with built in cabinets- eating space for 5


Ohhh one day....

Of course there isn't a castle without a surveillance system...after all when the Queen is in the kitchen she needs to be aware of her King when he enters through the gate so she can start mixing his G&T!

Off to an Irish Dinner Party....Ta'Ta

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