March 25, 2013


Hey there....I have been quiet for a bit but busy...
Last week I went to Joanne's Fabrics and saw that they were getting rid of those upholstery remnants that served once as samples... 2 bucks each for a 12x12 square so I spent about $20 and got random patterns...most of them plain but here are some of the patterned one's 

I went home and printed out images from the Graphics Fairy
Everything on the site is pretty organized but I know it can be overwhelming. I personally googled graphics fairy reverse image and got the links from there very quickly

Once I printed it on Iron-On paper I trimmed it and ironed it on according to directions.
I dug out my sewing machine which I have not touched it since 12 years ago. At that time I was s hot and heavy into quilting...Oh boy...I think the sewing machine missed me terribly...
Since the squares were 12X12 already I just sewed 2 together and made sure that I had a pattern on the back because these are all samples and none in the same color

Here is the back of one of the pillows I made, and below is the rest of the ones I made...I spread them around the house and they all look great!

I went on google and googled Iceland/Images and this picture popped up. I am not sure if this is Copyright or not but I did reverse it and print it out. I noticed afterwards that the geography isn't quite correct but it's minor at this point so as long as I know what it looks like and it's for my own pleasure then it shouldn't matter...

so that's what I've been up to lately. I am also packing for a trip to Iceland. I am looking forward to that. My sister recently moved to another apartment so I was needed to come over for some apartment therapy...After my Iceland stay I am meeting up with Hubby in Ireland for some Work/R&R for a week... Should be fun!
Enjoy the rest of your Monday Peeps


  1. Looks great Bryn! wonderful idea and easy too:)

  2. very cool! wish I had a sewing machine sometimes

  3. Ótrúlega flottir púðar, mér finnst einmitt oft erfitt að finna fallega púða sem kosta ekki hönd og fót...þessir eru æði! :-)


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