November 30, 2012

Georg Jensen is in da house

I am a little bit obsessed over those wonderful Danish Christmas ornaments. I have been collecting them for a while and I love them. It's always fun to put them up!
Ever since we built the seasonal room in the back I have hung them up there. When I designed the room I made sure there were lots of windows because I knew that would be their new home...

The room is very Scandinavian. 
The ceiling is pine covered and it has that "Hytte" feel to it so I try to put my Nordic decorations in there as much as I can...Here are few photos of the rest of the room

What do you think? Feel like you are at Ikea?
Have a lovely day 

1 comment:

  1. Georg Jenssen óróarnir eru svoooo fallegir (og gluggarnir þínir reyndar líka!)


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