September 12, 2012

Fabulous Fall

IT IS TIME...Time to take down the summer decorations and greenery and make space for fall.
But before I did that I took a couple of photos of existing things, maybe for next years inspiration 

The summer stuff was packed nicely in plastic boxes for next year

Lot's of pumpkins, big and small... Gotta love the color of orange

A little Pumpkin from the Christmas Tree Shop and some good smelly vase fillers from The Cape Cod Crafters- I wish you could smell it!

Tiny pumpkins in a little glass bowl...Love the look

An old tray/bowl that I antiqued this summer- looks amazing with the orange pumpkins

Some homemade pumpkins that have followed me since Pennsylvania times

I have to tell ya...pretty impressed with myself to come up with this gourd or watchamacallit thing that I have had for several years and this candleholder....Clever...I think I can thank Pinterest!

A little country accent

It's getting darker so much earlier now, daylight savings will be here soon enough... bring out the candles...and blankets

That's all I have for you folks!


  1. Geggjað flott, ég get ekki beðið eftir að fá þig heim til mín í verkefni !

  2. Og Hver er anonymous?....kvitta please :-)

  3. Anonymous er örugglega litla systir okkar, þekki stílinn setur alltaf bil á milli orðs og upphrópunarmerkis :-) En þetta er ótrúlega fallegt hjá þér Brynja - nú er ég inspired - best að dedúa við kofann. //KE


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