August 16, 2012

Garden Bench

My garden bench got a little makeover this week. It's old and tired I wasn't even sure if it would make the move from the front yard to my backyard...The thing is heavy though....

Annie Sloan Paint in Paloma was the color of choice this time- 2 coats over the steel part and one coat over the wood
I started the project without taking a before picture, realized before too late and ran in and got my phone...

I experimented with Annie's dark wax for the first time...I really like it and it gives the piece a really antiquee-Look!

I gave it a medium coat and sanded it down afterwards

Come have a seat with me


  1. Mikið er hann fallegur hjá þér, ég er með mjög svipaðann bekk í garðinum hjá mér, kanski ég gefi honum nýtt útlit næsta sumar, þetta er æðislegt.
    kveðja Stina


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